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3 Tips for Long-Term PCI Compliance Success

Far too many companies look at PCI compliance as a short-term mandatory necessity. Just because you’ve jumped through a few of the initial hoops toward compliance, like taking the self-assessment questionnaire, consulting a Qualified Security Assessor or using PCI compliant hosting, that doesn’t mean you’re home free. Here are the top three tips for ensuring long-term PCI compliance.

Invest In Your Vendor

Choosing your vendor wisely is an integral part of ensuring long-term PCI compliance. Whether you’re starting out a new compliance program from scratch or simply trying to update your existing system, a strong vendor partnership is critical. An educated vendor will help you understand the hardware end of compliance, like whether or not you need a PCI compliant dedicated server for your hosting needs, as well as keeping you informed of any changes in the PCI DSS standards.

Educate Employees

PCI compliance is not an end goal to be reached. Instead, it’s an evolving process that requires the cooperation of everyone involved including your employees. Educating your workers on the importance of compliance and what their role is will help drive home the consequence of failing to maintain PCI DSS standards. Continued education will help reinforce the need for compliance among any employees or management who have access to credit card information.

Don’t Forget the Paper Trail

Despite all the advances in technology available today, there are still those hackers who look for credit card data the old fashioned way: in your garbage. Don’t forget to manage your paper trail in addition to any virtual data records. Receipts should never include a full credit card number, and any sensitive paper records should be shredded if storage isn’t required.

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