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Biggest Challenges in Mobile PCI Compliance

Most of us think of things like security audits, log reports and PCI dedicated servers when we plan for PCI compliance. Yet, the reality is that a lot of ecommerce is becoming M-commerce: transmitting transactions through mobile devices, and not through computer networks at all. What are the biggest challenges in ensuring mobile PCI compliance?

Keeping Up with Technology

Compliance industry experts say that the biggest challenge right now is how quickly technology is changing. As quickly as regulation boards are able to move forward with new applicable guidelines for consumer protection, technology outstrips those rules almost immediately.

New payment techniques via mobile device just make criminals more inspired to develop a fresh hack that will swipe the necessary cardholder data. Transmitting payment information over a mobile network is far different than processing payments on a secure website that uses PCI compliant hosting for extra safety, and isn’t protected in the same way.

The PCI council continues working on developing new approaches that will help keep mobile consumers safe. Yet, malicious activity is increasing across the vulnerable mobile platforms far more quickly than it spread through PC networks.

Taking Precautions

Of course, one of the biggest challenges in protecting mobile commerce is driving home to individual users that there is a potential threat in using mobile devices for transmitting card data. Many people feel that the transaction must be safe when they’re making a purchase right from their own private phone. In reality, there are still risks at hand that need to be assessed and addressed as the popularity of M-commerce continues to grow.

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