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The guide to PCI Compliance and PCI Web Hosting

PCI Dedicated Server

Whether you are looking for flexibility and control to manage your own server or do not mind handing over the responsibility to us, we can help you find a PCI dedicated server solution to cater to your needs. We offer assistance in locating secure PCI dedicated servers, dedicated merchant account setup, and secure ecommerce gateway to keep cardholder safe and secure.

High-end PCI enabled hosting solutions are tailored to comply with PCI DSS so as to ensure a secure, stable, and reliable hosting environment. Fully dedicated and semi-dedicated PCI web hosting solutions are available, with essential network controls and infrastructure at an affordable price.

A hosting company experienced in PCI DSS compliance will be able to maintain strict security standards and follow a range of security practices, including intrusion detection, redundant power and cooling systems, HIDS and log monitoring, internal vulnerability scanning, internal and external penetration testing, physical system security, robust firewall services, spyware/ antivirus protection, file integrity and log management, network scanning, encrypted back-ups, auditing process, password security, multi-level access, system patching, and external vulnerability scanning, among others, to ensure safety of online transactions taking place on your website hosted on our secure PCI dedicated servers.

PCI Compliant Dedicated Hosting

A skilled PCI compliant dedicated hosting company can proactively respond to any kind of server issues arising at any time of the day, including service configuration, performance tuning, IP filtering, managed firewall, uptime monitoring, hardware replacement, security hardening, and rebooting.

We partner with leading hosting providers to offer a comprehensive range of PCI compliant hosting solution, with our security experts working with you. Together we can find a customized solution for your site hosted on PCI dedicated servers to ensure that transactions are conducted with appropriate security credentials in place.

A skilled and experienced host will provide you with PCI compliant dedicated servers, which are locked down to meet your expectations and exceed PCI standards. They will:

  • Install, configure, maintain, secure, and backup your application on our dedicated servers
  • Manage your SSL certificates
  • Import existing sites, scripts
  • Import your catalog data

A PCI compliant dedicated server host will take care of every aspect of running your dedicated server, so that you don’t have to spend time on doing so and can easily focus on your business and core competencies.

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