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How to Build a Successful PCI Compliance Program

One of the most common mistakes in attempting to build a successful PCI compliance program is to start out with the wrong impression of what, exactly, PCI compliance entails. This leads merchants to pursue PCI compliance services with an attitude of crisis management rather than thinking about long-term risk mitigation. Here are some tips to help you build a more successful PCI compliance program.

Look Before You Leap

Internal pre-assessments are an essential part of building a successful PCI compliance program. Although an external assessment by a QSA is required for some merchant levels, waiting for an outside party to tell you what’s wrong with your system isn’t really cost effective. Instead, take the self-assessment questionnaire to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities before implementing any compliance measures.

Assume Accountability

Many businesses think that achieving PCI compliance is as simple as signing a contract with a PCI compliant hosting provider who will take care of all the details. In reality, no matter who hosts your data storage or web pages, each business still carries a certain amount of accountability to the PCI DSS guidelines to ensure compliance. It only takes a little research to learn what your responsibilities are as a business and merchant, so take time to do your homework.

Document, Document, Document

Since part of compliance goes to intentionality, it’s important to document your process for achieving compliance in the first place. Keep track of your efforts, and be sure that you’re actually following through on everything you’re documenting as well. This approach will also help you meet the PCI DSS requirements for emphasizing evidence of both the documentation itself as well as the effectiveness of your implementation. Documentation also provides a level of repeatability, another essential component of meeting PCI DSS guidelines.

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