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The guide to PCI Compliance and PCI Web Hosting

The Highest Costs of PCI Compliance

When developing a successful strategy for PCI compliance services, it’s a good idea to be prepared for where the highest compliance costs hide. Here’s a look at the top three largest investments for achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.

Physical Access Security

Although many merchants think of PCI compliance as a virtual safeguard, the PCI DSS guidelines also have requirements for physical protections of any hardware that stores or processes cardholder data. For example, entry alarms or security cameras may need to be installed at the physical facility where your servers are located. Some of these costs may be alleviated by only working with PCI compliant hosting providers, but always double check their credentials.

Data Encryption

Virtual protection is another high cost associated with achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. Small businesses and other merchants who store cardholder data after processing their sales will be held responsible for ensuring that all PCs and servers are equipped with hard disc encryption, including any employee laptops that are used to access sensitive data. Remember too that backup tapes are not exempt.

Tests and Scans

The cost of vulnerability scans and network penetration tests can add up pretty quickly. A lot of companies that offer vulnerability scanning services will also offer package deals that some businesses may be eligible for based on size and frequency of scans. For these businesses, a package price can greatly reduce overhead spent on testing and scanning. For most merchants, quarterly scans are required, so be sure to plan ahead.

Although the three expenses listed may be among the highest costs, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to achieve. Simply budget for your PCI compliance investment accordingly, and there won’t have to be any unpleasant surprises in your compliance costs.

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