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The guide to PCI Compliance and PCI Web Hosting

What Makes PCI Programs Fail

By now, businesses know that using PCI compliance services is a must in order to meet the DSS-PCI guidelines. Yet, despite attempts to become compliant, some companies still fail. What are the primary reasons that PCI compliance presents so many challenges?

Failure to Plan

The reason that enterprises most often end up with a system that’s just not working is failure to plan properly. A number of issues need to be addressed when it comes to compliance, including the use of encryption, understanding vulnerabilities and using only PCI compliant web hosting providers. Too many businesses think they can skip a few steps and still achieve compliance. In reality, achieving and maintaining compliance is a very precise science.

In addition to neglecting proper planning, there’s the other failure of having a good plan in place that’s simply too shortsighted. Remember, PCI compliance is not a static end goal; it’s an ongoing process that requires regular assessments and audits. Daily operations and employee training are part of ensuring compliance; without addressing these smaller steps as well as the larger ones, the progress you make simply won’t last.

Achieving Successful Compliance

On the upside, you now know exactly the tools you need to achieve compliance success: planning ahead, and planning long-term. By taking a forward-thinking approach toward compliance, you can set up a system now that will remain relevant in the future, without having to worry that you’ll be playing catch-up to new regulations forever. Educating yourself about compliance and taking the steps to ensure not just present success but continued success will give you a compliance plan that lasts.

If you need help in choosing a PCI compliant web host, Contact Us today and let us do the legwork for you. A compliant host is a key piece of any successful PCI compliance program for online businesses.